Monday, February 6, 2012

{Messy Mondays}

So, as I'll mention more times than this once, I'm sure...

I'm not exactly the organizational type...I appreciate organization, but more at an idealistic distance than in my tangible everyday reality. Many times, I have made resolute decisions to turn over a clean new leaf, and really stick with it this time just to later realize that "this time" clearly didn't end up being the "this time" I was talking about, because it just didn't stick... DARN, oh well.

The funny things is...

I grew up with all sorts of organized friends, ones who were in contrast to me as black is to white. Those who had day planners long before I realized that my days needed planning... Maybe it's the whole opposites attract thing, who knows? But seriously, I always seemed to be the one with the messiest room at home, and the one who would show up for class without so much as a pencil BECAUSE I couldn't find one in my locker, BECAUSE my locker was jam packed with everything BUT pencils and books, WHICH more often than not were forgotten at home, except that is, when I would need them at home... then of course, they were usually in my locker {Oy vey!}.

My childhood and early adulthood has been riddled with goofy mess ups of forgetfulness like these, and organizational faux pas such as going to a 5 day church camp with a suitcase bursting at the seems with 20 outfits, but no underwear or a tooth brush to show for it {true story}.

Now, I would love to tell you...

...that married life proved to be the catalyst for my organizational change, but that wouldn't be true... almost anytime we get into the car, wether it's to go 50 or 500 miles, it takes me about as long as it takes to get onto the freeway to realize I have forgotten a list of things that are absolutely necessary for the trip... Lucky for me, my husband rocks, and always seems to know, in advance, what I'll forget and manages to pack preemptively against my inevitably disorganized efforts...

...Even now, as I look around our apartment, there's not a room, a desk --- no, not even a drawer is organized --- and unfortunately, my normally organized husband, has slowly but most surely, been over taken by this tornado of a wife!

Needless to say, this is not a good thing --- and this mess isn't entirely my own anymore --- we have a baby --- extra laundry, {especially since we're cloth diapering}, toys, blankets, play mats, bath supplies etc. etc --- and being that Brontë was premature, she has regular doctors appointments with her primary care physician, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, and orthopedist on a rotating schedule to keep track of! Clearly, this messy lifestyle, which I used to just brush under the rug {haha} simply won't do.

And so begins Messy Mondays...

I am committing Mondays to my efforts to make-over my messy habits... {which are many} with tips and tools that I'm finding to be helpful --- or not so helpful--- that might work for you too if you're anything like me.

I'm hoping that by blogging about it, there will be a sense of accountability that was previously lacking, and that my chaotic chronicles will help other like minded {scatter-brained} women make-over their messes. After all --- as Christian women, we serve a God of order --- don't we?

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