Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{Just when you have it down}

Just when you have it down --- You don't.


This week has been rather interesting --- Maybe I should preface this by saying that other than Brontë's time in the NICU and some related concerns after bringing her home, she has been a pretty easy breezy baby --- always sleeping great --- not fussy unless for a specific "I'm hungry", "I need a new diaper" sort of reason {or of course the predictable disdain she shows for her car seat}, but this last week she started showing those tell-tale signs that she's beginning to teeth --- super slobbers --- fussy --- biting on anything she can fit in her mouth --- waking up every couple hours through the night like she's in pain --- nursing every opportunity she gets etc.

Upon inspection, my husband and I are seeing whitish areas and various points seemingly trying to poke through --- even in the back! Could they really be MOLARS?! NO! They're suppose to get the front teeth first, right?!

Apparently, not always --- although not common, it can still be considered normal to teeth out of order --- sometimes referred to as Cross Cutting/Cross Teething.

I'm not 100% sure Brontë is Cross Teething, but it's definitely something we're paying more attention to.

Also, due to the fact that she's been nursing so much more than she typically does, I've been getting self conscious that maybe my milk production has plateaued --- maybe it's not full blown teething --- maybe she's not getting enough to eat!?

So, I started taking fenugreek a couple days ago, but now it seems I'm making too much milk and now she's having gas pain from overproduction and getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk to balance it! UGH!

Last week Brontë was a happy -- non-fussy --- smiley little angel, and now I think I've made a mess of it all --- trying to fix things that weren't really broken --- and I think it will take a few more days to get things back on track.

On the more positive side, we got Brontë an amber teething necklace, and there seems to be a noticeable decrease of fussiness when she is wearing it.


Don't freak out --- fussiness to varying degrees is normal --- Don't be so quick to switch up what's been working and blaming everything on milk --- "what did I eat? am I producing enough?!"

Just like we have good and bad days, so do our little ones, and unnecessary changes can cause even more discomfort to you and your baby, so if it ain't really broke, don't fix it.

Be confident, be calm, and be consistent --- offering more cuddles and comfort to sooth your little love. More often than not, when you stress, they stress --- when you're at peace, they're at peace. So Check your mood.

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